Designs by Jessica Wentworth

Packaging Design for Luxury Candle Copmany

This project deliverable included the package design for a luxry candle company. This design was one of many initiatives for this startup. Each design was crafted to reflect the company’s mission of empowering women and the world, while also capturing the essence of their brand.

Product Catalog for Hemp Brand

The deliverable for this project included the design of a product catalog for an up-and-coming hemp brand that shows off their products and captures the essence of their new branding.

*Design property of Romain Berg

Busiess Card Design for Luxury Realtor

A new luxury realtor has come to the neighborhood, and what better way to get her name out there than with quality business cards! This project is more than what meets the eye, as it included establishing a personal brand, tagline, and photo retouching.

Social Media Kit for Luxury Candle Company

This project consisted of the design of several social media graphic templates to create a cohesive aesthetic on this client’s social feed. This was made to create luxurious look and feel that coinside with the mission of this unique candle company.

Billboard Designs for Renewables Company

This project features a modern take on a traditional marketing channel. These billboards acted as a general awareness campaign targeting millenials through creative campaigns around renewable energy. These billboards are on display in parts of Florida, New Jersey ad New York.

Packaging Designs for a Hemp Brand

These designs were created as original concepts for consideration to update the companies packaging for their product line to create strong and cohesive branding on all fronts.

Timeline Design for Enviornmental Law Section

This timeline design was created in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Enviornmental Land Use Law Section (ELULS) of the Florida Bar. This project totals 10 pages in length and is featured in a printed publication commemorating their 50 years of rich history. This project also included the design of 2 different logos for their 50th anniversary.

*Design property of ELULS – The Florida Bar

Retractable Banners for Cleaning Company

This project contained 2 different designs for retractable banners for a cleaning company. Both contained general information for the company, such as the service offerings and contact information. One banner was used for recrutiment purposes while the other is a general banner to be displayed at events and tradeshows.

*Designs property of Mad 4 Marketing

Social Media Assets for Cleaning Company

The objective for this project was to design several different branded social media assets for a professional cleaning company. These assets were all focused around different campaigns, however they helped set guidelines for all future social media graphics.

*Designs property of Mad 4 Marketing

Magazine Ad for Beauty Salon

The purpose of this design is to advertise a beauty salon called Mill Pond Salon. This design reflects the feminine branding of the salon and has an empahsis on their unique service offerings.

*This design is the property of Romain Berg